Sacred Jewelry Consultations and Custom Orders

All styles of jewelry pictured in our gallery can be custom made to suit your own desires. You may choose the metals, the color of string, and also the gemstones to best support you. It is also possible to ask for a Jewelry Consultation where Tasha recommends a specific gem choice to support you and your goals.


If you would like to order a custom creation please email Tasha directly and let her know which style you are interested in and what alterations (if any) you would like made to your creation. After working out the logistics of the piece she will ask for half of the total cost before she starts crafting your custom piece of intentional jewelry.


Every creation is handcrafted with love and may have slight artistic variations from what is pictured. Tasha will send you a photo of your custom made work of art to make sure that you love it before it is sent to you!


Gemstones are powerful earth healers which each contain different energies, and can be used to bring balance and healing to your life. Some gemstones are very grounding while others are great for bringing you back into harmony with your true self or to help you communicate from your heart. Wearing gemstones which have been made into jewelry is a great way to carry these healing energies with you in your day to day life. Tasha specializes in creating intentional jewelry which not only carries the energy of the stones, but also holds prayers and loving intentions straight from her heart to yours. She deeply enjoys working with people one on one to choose stones that will best support them, and then creating those stones into wearable works of art that will last a lifetime! If you would like to consult with Tasha about which stone or stones may best support you in what you are going through or aiming to achieve, please contact her with your goals.


Gemstone Consultations (if you want Tasha to intuit and recommend a gem choice)


Tasha Offers free consultations for people who would like to purchase a piece of custom jewelry made to support their own unique life process. To request a consultation please reach out to Tasha directly via email and tell her a bit about yourself, and what you hope to achieve or work through with your newest piece of intentional jewelry. Tasha will then ask any clarifying questions to help her get a better idea of how to support you. When she feels that she has a good grasp on your intentions for the piece, she will go through her gemstone collection and put together a selection of stones to support you and your process. The jewelry is then hand-crafted with your loving intentions in it. Creating the piece with your intentions amplifies the power of the stones and will help you achieve the most out of your jewelry. All creations Tasha makes are made with love, but creating items for a specific person with strong intentions creates truly powerful pieces, and it warms her heart to be able to create art in this way. This is Tasha's passion and it means so much to her to share her jewelry and art with you in such a powerful way.


Tasha does ask for a $20 non-refundable deposit to start the consultation process. This $20 will be put towards your jewelry creation if you confirm a jewelry order. For Jewelry orders we ask for a deposit of half the total cost upfront which your $20 consultation fee can be a part of. The consultation process is not necessary if you already know which stones you would like to have included in your creation.

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