Soul Remedy Jewelry is hand crafted by the talented Tasha Bodick. Gifted with gemstones, Tasha weaves intention into her jewelry creations to provide you with support, aid ailments, and help you through challenges. Techniques in her designs range from wirework to macramé. She imbues each piece of her jewelry with loving prayers and healing energies to help the wearer get the most out of life - she ties love and intention into every knot, providing the wearer with a powerful ally. Everything she creates is one of a kind and made with love.


Tasha has a large inventory of handmade jewelry and she also enjoys taking on custom orders.  Classes are also available in person for anyone interested in learning this craft from Tasha directly.


Browse our gallery and read up about Sacred Jewelry Consultations, visit Tasha's etsy page to find jewelry options, or email her directly at [email protected]





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