Here is a sample list of some services to aid healing. Usually the best route

to go is contact me with your issue you want to work on, and if you feel called to

a specific type of work let me know.  Often times a number of these modalities

may be mixed together within one session.



Plant Based Meditations


This is what we are most known for.  We use the magic of the sacred plant

medicines to go into our hearts and find truth and healing.  The main focus of

this practice is to know yourself and to face your fears and repressed traumas,

or to look into your heart for clarity and guidance.  Sometimes there may be

energies that need cleaning, or we may need to reconnect to lost power

(some people call this extraction and soul retrieval work).  These are spiritual

ceremonies for healing done in traditional manner with prayer and medicine

songs to help us connect with the spirits of the plants.



Q'ero Style Energy Work


This is energy work done in the style of Andean shamans and paqo's, especially influenced from what I learned working with the Q'ero tribe.  Involves releasing or digesting "heavy" energy, and filling the client with "light" energy.  This is my favorite style of energy work to perform, and can be done in person or over a distance.  Usually involves working with my mesa (special Andean altar) and kuya's (magic stones), and includes the aid of spirit allies and nature spirits.  The nature of this energy work also allows for unique divination to be performed during the healing process.  Sometimes this style of healing incorporates sacred song, blowing smoke and smudging wth feathers.





Kambo is the skin secretion of the Giant Monkey Tree Frog phyllomedusa bicolor.  This secretion is applied directly into the lymphatic system via burn gates in the epidermis.  Treatments involve a deep physical and energetic cleansing of the body that can be used to treat a number of conditions ranging from depression, physical illness, CFS, auto-immune, migraines, laziness, chronic pain, infections or toxins, and other issues.  This is a very powerful and effective medicine from the Amazon that can be challenging to recieve but often provides immediate results.  It is especially helpful for getting through big blockages, resistance or creating big breakthroughs.  Find out more at our kambo guide here.



Rappé, Tobacco Smoke, Feather Fan and Song


For those wanting a quick tune-up or ceremony this is aperfect option.  We work with two forms of tobacco - rapé powdered snuff and smoked mapacho to offer cleansing and purification, and we combine this with sacred medicine songs and extraction or empowerment work with sacred feathers and sage/palo santo.  This can be very deep work but does not take as much time commitment as a regular plant medicine ceremony.  





Some people ask for special in-depth consultations regarding their personal situation or regarding different healing styles or medicines.  This can be done over the phone, skype or in person.  Don't worry about donations if you just have a few quick questions, but if you really want to talk for an hour or two and get specific advice this is a good option.  



Usui Reiki


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands."  A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Many have reported miraculous results.  I also offer attunements into the Usui Lineage allowing you to practice and share the gifts of Reiki.  Healing can be done in person or long distance.  



Shamanic Journey


This is a special type of meditation that allows divination, energy extraction and soul retrieval work.  It is good for connecting to lost power, for finding guidance, or for healing trauma.  Can be done in person or as a distance healing.  This sometimes includes blowing smoke, singing sacred medicine songs or smudging with the feathers.  



Tarot Readings


Find valuable wisdom and guidance in these ancient works of art!  Travis specializes in this divination.






Workshops and Other Services


I also offer customized workshops and classes on a wide range of topics including: Shamanism, shamanic journey, energy healing, mesa alter work, plant medicines and more!  







I try to offer a sliding scale for my services to allow lower income to still afford my services.  I usually give price quotes after a consultation to see what work you need.  In some cases I may work for free, as I view this as a donation, but if you can afford the suggested donation, it helps greatly and is always appreciated.  



*note on healing style: Most times I may recommend plant medicines, or give you other instructions to get the most benefit from your healing.  This is very important and should not be ignored!  True healing comes from within, and I am mostly here to offer guidance and support, as well as protection during your healing process.