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Healing when business or money is involved - Integrity (originally posted 2018)

I originally posted this elsewhere in a response to someone who complained about competitiveness in healing and medicine workers.... It is about healing as a business but I think the ideas here could fit into many different types of businesses.... But this is the way I try to look at life.

My experience has largely been that people in the medicine community are not very competitive and are very caring. The reason why I have this experience? Because I purposefully surround myself with people of high integrity. I know my choices lead to the experience I have, but I dont ever really experience competitiveness or uncaring medicine providers (and I work in this industry myself full time so I have a lot of experience).

I hear disappointing stories from others.... And usually those stories will tell me who to avoid working with in the future.

My goal if I guide someone in a ceremony is to teach them to not need me for future healing. I want to teach them how to heal themselves. That is the best way to empower people. And guess what - if these people do so well they no longer need me, I will still benefit, as they will recommend me to others. So by serving the needs and highest good of my patients I still help myself.

Healers dont need to keep anyone sick to stay in business and they dont need to compete with other healers to stay in business. If you do good work and get good results you stay busy because anyone who is sick wants results!

I never view other healers as competition. Just other options people could go to. We work with different medicines, in different locations, in different styles etc.... So people can find who they resonate with without me needing to hoard them all to myself.

I am lucky that the other healers in my community have similar views and values. We often refer patients to each other and help each other out.... Everyone benefits from this and instead of competition we have community which is much better!

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