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Recent Nettle Root Diet (originally posted Jan 20, 2015)

I thought I would share with you today an example of the type of work I have been doing at home lately. On my visit to Peru last summer, I learned an Amazonian practice called "vegetalismo" or "dieta/diet." This method is basically used to connect with a specific plant spirit either for healing, or for apprenticeship as a healer (usually both!).

The practice usually includes a number of dietary and lifestyle restriction that are aimed at opening you energetically to the spirit of the plant you are dieting. While doing this, you spend time each day to connect with that plant - often by drinking or eating it. In the Amazon, the diet is usually started and ended with a Ayahuasca ceremony, but sometimes it is done without Ayahuasca.

So, I have been working at home with two plants this year - salvia and nettle. I did a couple 7 day diets with nettle, and a few spread out salvia ceremonies that have all been wonderful. So far, I had only worked with nettle leaf, and had a couple stand-out experiences, but not huge shifts. Certainly connecting to the plant a bit, but also knowing I could go deeper.

I have had the feeling that the nettle roots were going to be bigger for me, and finally got around to gathering some. I dried them for 2 days by the heater, and didnt really know when I was going to drink it yet.

I had the house to myself one night, and decided to do a salvia ceremony. I asked salvia to help me with the issues I have been working on around my mother. I have done little bits and pieces of work around my mother, but was kinda waiting till I did San Pedro or Aya to get into it, so hadnt really gone as deep as I could yet.

Salvia gave me some useful info, but about an hour into the ceremony, she tells me to really work on issues with my mom, I should drink nettle root the next 7 days. She also said I could work with her as much as I want during this time, so I thought a ceremony each night sounded good. I have been wanting to connect with salvia more deeply in this fashion for a while.

I finished the 7 day diet last weekend, and things went very well. Salvia is making it very easy to talk with nettle, and this experience has been much deeper then my two previous diets with the nettle leaves.

A few days into the diet, nettle performed some extraction type work on me, and then I started singing these wonderful icaros - way more powerful and solid then I have sung before. A complete level up for me as far as icaros go, and this is great, because that is one of the main skills I want to develop right now.

A couple nights later, things started getting much deeper. Nettle came on strong, and said we had more work, but this time, more similar to soul retrieval or reclaiming lost power. He told me his is good for soul retrieval work, because of how deep his roots go. He showed me how my mother had a spiritual illness, which I inherited part of, and that this illness is what mostly caused her depression. I saw my mother as a child, and had the opportunity to help her through a really harsh and traumatic childhood experience she had.

I stepped in, and protected her before the people in this vision could hurt her badly, then sat and talked with her. I told her it wasnt her fault, and we had a long conversation, where I kept comforting her, and she kept telling me her fears. At the end, she finally agreed to return back to her body (her spirit body now, as my mother is deceased). I took her back, and as she joined the rest of herself, and sat and held my mother for a long time comforting her.

Eventually, my vision changed, and I saw myself as a little child - maybe 4 years old. My parents divorced when I was 3, and this little me was taking it very personally (one of my oldest memories is trying to comfort my parents through their divorce at this time). I had the opportunity to tell myself some really wonderful things here - and I just somehow knew what to say.... I think perhaps my mother was guiding my words. I dont feel like the things I said came from me, but from somewhere else through me.... Very wonderful.

After this personal healing work, I kept connecting with the plants during the last few days of my diet, and nettle told me a little bit about how to work with him for protection, and how he can assist healing work for others. After 3 diets, nettle has finally agreed to stay with me as an ally, and I am extremely grateful to this wonderful plant. Soon, I will diet the leaves a 3rd time, to solidify this connection more, and connect again to that specific aspect of the plant. Nettle is so healthy anyways - the more I eat the better! Not to mention - she is growing everywhere right now!

Salvia connected with me a lot more this trip, but informed me our connection requires another short and more focused diet with her, which will happen soon. Excited to connect more with her as well - she consistently surprises me with the level of depth and insight she brings to the table.

Over all, the week long diet was an ecstatic and blissful experience for me - both plants are really wonderful friends!

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