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Please take time to notice all of our different offerings at Soul Remedy: nature based and shamanic style energy healing, sacred jewelry for daily therapy, retreat and travel opportunities, self-published books on spirituality, and also a great wealth of information through our blog!


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Your true state is one of love.


All sickness, depression and pain is a result of forgetting your true nature.  By knowing yourself more deeply and connecting to your primal nature through the world around you, you can find the power to heal yourself and remember your inner strength.  True healing can only come from within, sometimes we just need a reminder of who we are.


Each of us is a unique and precious expression of divinity.  Finding your true nature once it's lost can be hard.  Fear and indoctrination can teach us to block our essence, and old habits are sometimes hard to break.  Luckily, there is wisdom found in nature and within our own hearts that show us the path back to our true self.


Whether you are in desperate need of physical, mental or emotional healing, or if your searching for something more - your true purpose in life - here you will find tools to reach your fullest potential in this lifetime.

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