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Reading List for further study:


This is a list of the books which I have found most helpful in my practice.  I tried to seperate them into different topics and include short descriptions of each, but you may see some books listed twice when they apply to multiple subjects.


Plant Medicines and Plant Based Shamanism


"The Plant Remedy" by Travis Bodick is a great practical guide for anyone interested in Plant Medicines of any kind.  It offers info about the many different plants you could work with and it also has tips for making succesful ceremonies for yourself.  It serves as a guide for both those attending retreats with experienced facilitators and also the solitary practitioner learning about plant medicines on their own.  It even has recipes for making unique medicinal treatments with plants!


"How The Earth Saved My Soul" by Travis Bodick is a personal story of working with plant medicines for healing and guidance and also a guide for learning rituals that can work within a plant medicine based ceremony.  This book is great for taking the information in The Plant Remedy a step further.  


Ross Heavens books are excellent.  In particular, I liked "Drinking the Four Winds," "Hummingbirds Journey to God," and "Shamanic Quest for the Spirit of Salvia."  His books often detail personal aspects of the authors own practice, and this practice shares many similarities to my own.  


"Rainforest Medicine" by Jonathon Miller Weisberger focuses on the Secoya Ayahuasca traditions as well as touching on many other indigenous Ayahuasca traditions in the Amazon.  I especially appreciate the focus on not only healing, but also mysticism and living well.  Very inspirational ideas about living in service to others, giving selflessly, working hard, living simply, being honest and humble....  Sometimes these qualities get overlooked by people seeking power or just wanting to get results as quick as possible - so this books is really special for focusing on something so important.  


"Wizard of the Upper Amazon" gives a unique look at the real life story of one man who was kidnapped by a tribe in the Amazon, and then taught to be their shaman and chief.  


"The Shaman and Ayahuasca" by Don Jose Campos teaches about Ayahuasca shamanism from the perspective of a well-known Amazonian shaman.


"Singing to the Plants" is another great resource for learning about Ayahuasca shamanism.  Has a great index in the back, and lots of good citations!


Other favorites: Fellowship of the River, Jaguar that Roams the Mind, Ayahuasca in My Blood, Sapo in My Soul....



Other books on Shamanic Healing


"How The Earth Saved My Soul" by Travis Bodick follows a personal story of soul searching and healing that begins with a near death experience drowning in the ocean and being saved by a spirit.  The book follows this story of personal development, healing and soul searching and includes many practices that you can follow along with yourself in your own healing journey.  


"The Shadow Twin" by Travis Bodick is a short fiction which details the shamanic initiation and quest of a child who learns to help his community through helping lost souls find peace in the afterlife.  


Ross Heaven's book "Medicine for the Soul" is my favorite "how-to" book for core-shamanism and the drumming method.  Lots of good exercises to help you master the drumming technique for divination and healing.


"Masters of the Living Energy" is about the Q'ero tribe of Peru.  It details their philosophy of energy and medicine and also details some parts of their practice.  The techniques for energy work in this book are some of my favorite to work with, and it has a great section about mesa altars.  


Graham Hancock's "Supernatural" is a more academic look at commonalities between shamanic visions, and other cultural phenomena that you may have never knew was related.  This book looks at many of the cross-cultural motifs of shamanism and initiation, as well as archeological evidence and history of humans and shamanism.  


"Magic of the Ordinary" by Gershon Winkler is an interesting book on Aboriginal Jewish Shamanism, and is great for any occult or Kabbalah students interested in shamanism.  This book focuses on connecting to divinity and magic in the natural world around you.


"Healing with Form, Energy and Light" by Rinpoche is a great look at healing with the 4 Elements (plus Spirit/Space to make 5).  This book is the most thurough teaching of the elements that I have ever found.  It is mostly based on Tibetan Bon practices (shamanic Buddhism), but since the 4 elements are used universally, this book breaks beyond cultural barriers.  


"Bo and Bon" by Dmitri Ermakov is a acedemic type book from the perspective of a practising Bon member.  The information in this book is vast and excellent, and gives a unique look at both the Bon and Bo Murgal shamanic traditions.


"The Secret of the Incas" by William Sullivan is a great academic read focused on a theory that myth uses specific language to refer to astrology, and serves as a record keeper for oral traditions using the stars and sky as a time piece.  While focused on the Inca, this book also references cultures from all over the world, and is suggestive of a deeper meaning to myth and astrology between all the worlds religions and cultures.  


"Chosen by the Spirits: Following Your Shamanic Calling" by Sarangerel is a great introductory book on Mongolian shamanism and drumming method shamanism.  Very easy to follow along and in some ways a little deeper then many of the core-shamanism type books out there (also a very compatible practice for those into core-shamanism).  Very interesting and easy to put into practice.  Especially good for connecting more with your personal spirit teachers.



Kabbalah Books


Anything by Gershom Sholom or Aryeh Kaplan is highly recommended.  For students new to Kabbalah, I especially recommend Sholoms "Kabbalah" which gives a great general overview on many Kabbalaistic topics, and Kaplan's "Meditations on Kabbalah" which has a more practical focus.  


Travis Bodicks books "Creating the Universe" and "Experience. Create. LOVE." give two unique looks at Kabbalah.  "Creating the Universe" looks at Kabbalah from the framework of a practicing magician, and includes a great reference for learning about the Sferot and making your own rituals.  "Experience. Create. LOVE." takes the reader on a journey up the Tree of Life so they can experience Kabbalah for themselves, while healing and growing on their own mystical journey.


A copy of Torah, The Zohar, and Sefer Yitzerah are invaluable for studying Kabbalah.  They should be your main tools of study, though they are a little easier to understand if you have first read at least one basic book on Kabbalah.  


"Magic of the Ordinary" is a little unique in that it takes the perspective of a more shamanic approach to Kabbalah.  One of my favorites.  


"Tetragrammaton" by Donald Tyson is an interesting look at specific angels related to the Tetragrammaton, and different uses for the "name" in magic and occult practice.  


"Kabbalah" by Ponce is a great Western Occult perspective of Kabbalah.  Will Parfitts "The Living Qabbalah" is also a great read from this perspective - easy to learn from.


Chaos Magic and Practical Magic


"Creating the Universe" by Travis Bodick is an excellent manual for both chaos magic, and more traditional ceremonial magic.  It gives you all the resources necessary for creating your own practice, and especially spells out the underlying mechanics of magic as understood through the chaos based philosophy.    


The Egyptian Book of the Dead, and the Greek Magical Papyri are must haves for any student interest in practical Egyptian Magic.


The Emerald Tablet and the Corpus Hermetica are must haves for anyone interested in occult and Hermetic philosophy.  Great for understanding why and how magic works.  If applied correctly, these two books can teach you how all magic works.  




Tarot Books and Decks


The Tarot Handbook - this book uses the Thoth deck to explain the deeper meanings behind the tarot, and how to work with tarot in a number of ways.  My favorite book on tarot, and the one which taught me the most.  Especially vital if you work with the Thoth deck.


78 Degrees of Wisdom - an in-depth look at the tarot from a classic perspective.  


Living the Qabbalistic Tarot - unique ways to work with the spirits of the tarot, and great interpretations of the cards as well.


Thoth deck - one of my personal favorites.  Great artwork and symbolism, especially from a western occult or Kabbalistic perspective.


DruidCraft deck - awesome artwork!  This deck also comes with a companion book which is more then enough for new students to start doing their own readings.  One of my favorite books on tarot actually - you cant go wrong with this combo.  


WildWood Tarot deck - Another deck with awesome artwork and somewhat similar style to the DruidCraft deck.  This deck especially focuses on old European pagan and Druidic artwork with a very shamanic primal feel.  



Inspirational Reads


"How The Earth Saved My Soul" by Travis Bodick follows a personal story of challenges, triumphs and soul searching.  By connecting with nature we can learn so much and grow in so many ways - this book not only inspires the reader with a personal story but also has personal practices the reader can work into their own spiritjal practice.  


"The Shadow Twin" by Travis Bodick - this book shows how even the smallest of us can have great power, and shows the wonder of finding and following your own path.


"The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho is one of my favorite books.  It follows the adventure of a young man on a sacred pilgrimage to find himself and God.  It shows the true power of following your heart and dreams, as well as the power of faith.


"Creating the Universe" by Travis Bodick.  Althugh this book is mostly a practical manual of magic, it also includes many inspirational pieces.  A great way to find your purpose in life, and recieve tools for achieving your dreams.  


"The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran - poetry for the soul!


"Drinking the Four Winds" by Ross Heaven is incredibly relateable and inspiring.  If you want to learn about love, or how to overcome the trials faced on the spiritual path - this book is for you.  


"The Lost Language of Plants" by Stephen Harrod Buhner is a great read about how people have become disconnected from nature and their own intuition.  

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