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Soul Remedy Family

Soul Remedy is the combined passion of Travis and Tasha Bodick. Together, the couple offers a unique and balanced approach to healing, introspection and exploration of the self, spirit, and world.  


While drawing from many inspirations and traditions, the main focus of Soul Remedy are practices based in nature and connecting to the world around you.  This includes working with plants, crystals, our bodies, land and animal spirits, re-wilding, and just about anything else nature based!


Soul Remedy is currently located in beautiful Seattle, Washington.  

Travis Bodick is experienced in a number of healing modalities from multiple disciplines and traditions.  This wide range of influences allows him to relate with people from all backgrounds, and his focus is on the common threads that unite all practices based in Spirit.  


Travis especially focuses on nature based spiritual healing practices and helping clients encounter and know their own heart and soul.  Helping others to find and embrace their true passion in life is Travis's greatest joy.


A musician and a writer, Travis is always trying to express his thirst for knowledge and experience with others as inspiration to chase our dreams.  


Tasha is an angelic delight and jewelry maker extraordinaire!  Her presence always lights up a room and brings smiles to sad faces.  A native of New Zealand, Tasha loves traveling the world and meeting new people.  She has a special affinity and kindred spirit to all children.


Tasha is a gifted healer, and can see to the heart of matters quickly.  Her empathic ability to relate to others and help them into insightful and healing vulnerability makes her expertise especially unique.  Her warmth and passion are infectious, and this imbues all of her healing ceremony.

Contact info: (unless contacting about jewelry creations, Travis is usually the one who handles online queries)


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Email is the preferred method of contact.  We regularly disconnect from electronics, so please allow 1-2 days for a reply, although most times I can get back to you within a few hours at most.  If your need is urgent, please let me know so that I can respond quicker if able.  

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