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All of my books are the same price: $20 for paperback and only $5 for PDF's.  Shipping is $5 for USA, and $15 International.  

All books are also available in paperback for $15 at

The Plant Remedy

How The Earth Saved My Soul

Creating The Universe

Experience. Create. LOVE.

The Shadow Twin


Besides using this shop here, it is also possible to email me with your desired purchase and send the cash through paypal to (*the shop is currently down, so please order with me through email - I can give you Paypal or Venmo info)



Sample Book Chapters Available Online:

From How The Earth Saved My Soul:

    We Are All Nature

    All Life Comes From Water

    Q’ero History and Cosmology


From The Plant Remedy:

    Spiritual Healing



From Experience. Create. LOVE.:



From Creating the Universe:

    Hermetic Reality

    Mystic Brain

About the author:

All of Travis's books are written to help the reader engage with and encounter their own truth through direct experience.


How The Earth Saved My Soul is both a story and a nature based system of healing and self-discovery.  While drowning in the ocean Travis was saved from death by a mysterious spirit and experienced visions that forever changed the course of his life.  Trying to make sense of this experience he found himself on a spiritual quest of self-discovery that started with meditation, psychedelics and occult mystery schools and eventually led him to indigenous shamans of the Amazon and Andes of Peru.  


The Plant Remedy details everything the reader needs to know to work with plant medicines safely and to contact the spirits of plants for guidance and healing.  The methods in this book are a combination of traditional South American curanderismo and the authors own methods learned through trial and error, or straight from the spirits themselves.  This book is a must have for anyone interested in plant spirits and plant medicines!


Creating the Universe is Travis's first title and focuses heavily on guiding the reader through the process of creating their own personal spiritual practice which can be as unique as each individual reader.  It focuses on different styles of ritual and ceremony, and looks at the underlying mechanics of how magic and energy work.


Experience. Create. LOVE. is the next book, and this takes everything from Creating the Universe a step further - especially focusing on practice over philosophy.  The book follows the arrangement of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, and by following the exercises in the book, the reader experiences and travels the entire Tree of Life starting at the Kingdom, and ending with the Crown.  This book is a perfect example of the type of practice which can be created using methods and philosophy from Creating the Universe.


The Shadow Twin takes the reader down a new road and into the realm of fiction.  This book is based on a dream Travis had in Peru after San Pedro ceremony at the Temple of the Moon, and is a direct communication from the cactus spirit.  The story follows the adventures of a young boy encountering spirits and ghosts and his own conscience as he finds his own spirit guide - the Shadow Twin!


TravSha - Water On The Wind is a audio CD featuring the live music of Travis.  Songs about romance and working with the sacred medicines of the Earth.  Recorded live and straight from the heart this music inspires the soul and heart.  Download it know here.



You can also find all of Travis's books on kindle and paperback at

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