Stream Of Miracles: July 2-10, 2017







9 days of transformation in Cusco, Peru with an optional 3

day extension to Machu Picchu!


We will be working with the great power plants of Peru:

Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Rapé in a deeply focused shamanic 

healing retreat. To support this work we are also including

ceremony with the decedents of the Inca - the Q'ero natives of

the Andes. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!


These revered plant medicines have been used for thousands

of years as a way to heal the sick, achieve mystical union, and

to find guidance from Source. They are the most powerful tools

on this planet for positive transformation in your life. In many

places of the world the traditions regarding sacred plants has

been lost, but in Peru the traditions are alive and well, and we

are lucky to have them available to us!


Ayahuasca is a tea made from two plants: the

Ayahuasca vine (banisteriopsis caapi) and chacruna

(psychotria viridis). When combined these plants are a

powerful medicine that helps the drinker enter the worlds of

the spirits and plants so they can find guidance and healing.

This medicine offers a powerful look into your own soul to see the deepest truth of your inner being so that you can bring new perspective to your thoughts and actions and bring new healing to all parts of your being.


San Pedro is known as the one who holds the Keys to Heaven. Also known by the more ancient name Wachuma, San Pedro lets you see yourself, the planet, and your life with the eyes of divinity. Often referred to as heart medicine, San Pedro will show you the true depths of your own heart, so that you can bring forth what is within you to share with the world in the most empowered way possible.


Rapé is a snuff medicine found in the Amazon made mostly from sacred jungle tobacco (mapacho) combined with other sacred plants and resins. A blow pipe is used to administer the snuff into the nose and this medicine provides deep grounding, clearer thinking and energetic cleaning. Sometimes used as a tool for guidance, healing or even a physical performance enhancer, rapé is especially effective when used alongside other plant medicines like Ayahuasca or San Pedro.


We are blessed to have the greatest guides for our journey - Lesley and her sons Mark and Simon, as well our Ayahuasquero Kush and the Q'ero paqo's for our sacred Andean ceremony. Lesley Myburgh has been working with San Pedro since 1992. Many people have visited her for healing and multiple books have featured her story. Her boys Mark and Simon are also healers in their own right and the best guides to help us on our journey.


Kush is an Ayahuasquero with 45 years experience and his ceremonies are a unique celebration of life and divinity. He brings an abundant joy and openness to his ceremonies and his musical performances are out of this world! 


We are also honored to be joined by the Q'ero for a limpia cleansing ceremony and a dispatcho offering giving thanks and gratitude back to Pachamama (Mother Earth). The Q'ero are one of the most treasured peoples in the Andes renowned for their preservation of the ancient ways and ceremonies. This is a unique experience to be touched by their magic and the mystery of the Andes.


At the end of the 9 day retreat there is an optional add-on for those who wish to visit Machu Picchu. We made this part optional to make sure that the medicine ceremonies were affordable enough for everyone, but still have the chance to see Machu Picchu. Also known as the Crystal City, Machu Picchu is possibly the most magical place on earth and I highly recommend seeing it - we will already be so close!  Most places do not offer trips like this - this is really a special opportunity to see the mountains and jungle as well as Machu Picchu in an incredibly unique and exciting way! Coupled with plant medicines and Q'ero ceremony the power and magic of the sacred sites comes to life and reaches deep into your heart where it will stay with you on your journey back home.


After Machu Picchu there is also another optional 1 day extension to attend a Sacred Mushroom ceremony at Temple of the Moon - something unique you wont find on other retreats!


This is a once in a lifetime quest to connect more deeply with the wisdom of the past, and with our own hearts, so that we can grow and live more balanced and fulfilling lives in the present.



Here is a great video filmed at the retreat center with Lesley: http://vimeo.com/108842285


Here are also two links to interviews with Lesley “La Gringa” about San Pedro:





Contact Travis for more info at travis@soulremedy.org




This retreat is hosted by Travis and Tasha Bodick of Soul Remedy (soulremedy.org).


Soul Remedy is the combined passion of Travis and Tasha Bodick which focuses on helping others connect to their own hearts. Together, the couple offers a unique and balanced approach to healing, introspection and exploration of the self, spirit, and world. Deeply touched by the magic and wonder of Peru, they have made Cusco their second home, where they have found a kindred spirit in the medicine of the Andes.




Stream of Miracles Itinerary 2017 / July 2nd - 10th


July 2nd - Sunday - Day 1 : Arrival Cusco.

Private transfer from Cusco airport to hostel.

Check in, acclimatize get acquainted & relax! Begin a once in a Lifetime journey .Group briefing. Overnight at Casa de La Gringa Hostel.


July 3rd - Monday - Day 2 : San Pedro Ceremony ‘ Teacher Plant.’

Transfer to Mountain house Retreat.

1st San Pedro ceremony - Reaching higher states of truth and consciousness. Connecting you to the planet, cosmos and your higher self. (Light lunch)

Guided walking tour of Temple of the Moon.

Spiritual Cleansing (smudging) by Quero’s.

Enjoy the evening fireplace.

Over night at Mountain House Sanctuary. (Light dinner)


July 4th - Tuesday - Day 3 : Sacred Valley, Pisac & Animal Sanctuary.


Early morning departure from Mountain House.

Travel through the majestic Sacred Valley to Pisac visiting colorful outdoor markets.

Visiting Cochahuas Sanctuaryon route for rescued exotic animals, where we can observe llamas, alpacas, guanacos, puma, parrots and the flight of the condor.

Overnight at Mountain House Sanctuary. (Dinner)


July 5th - Wednesday - Day 4 : Sacsaywaman, Ayahuasca Ceremony.


Morning visit to the sacred Incan archaeological complex Sacsaywaman .

Ayahuasca briefing in preparation for the medicine.

1st night Ayahuasca Ceremonies.

Experience the mystery, exploring the Master Plant entering into higher worlds of dimensions.

Overnight at Ayahuasca Maloca.


July 6th - Thursday - Day 5 : Payment to Mother earth Ceremony, Rappé, Workshop, Ayahuasca Ceremony.


Offering to mother earth spiritual (despacho) ceremony.

For participants shows gratitude to mother earth for everything that has brought them to this point and brings them into alignment with their personal intent for the future.

Rappé: Cleansing of the physical mind level. (Light lunch)

Workshop with Travis, focusing on Q’eros mysticism.

2nd night Ayahuasca Ceremonies.

Overnight at Ayahuasca Maloca.


July 7th - Friday - Day 6 : Free Day.


Transfer to Hostel.

Free day in Cusco to explore its many wonders.

Optional activities include self-organized sightseeing tours to surrounding areas & museums, or spend the day just relaxing.

Overnight at Casa de La Gringa Hostel.


July 8th - Saturday - Day 7 : San Pedro Ceremony.

Transfer to Retreat.

2nd San Pedro ceremony - Heal, Grow, Learn, Awaken. (Light lunch)

Spiritual Cleansing (smudging) by Quero’s.

Overnight at Mountain House Sanctuary. (Dinner)


July 9th - Sunday - Day 8 : Workshop.


Transfer to Retreat.

Workshop with group: Reflection on previous ceremonies.

Transfer back to hostel.

Overnight at Casa de La Gringa Hostel.


July 10th - Monday - Day 9 : Departure Day / Optional Ollantaytambo / Machupicchu Tour.


Transfer to Cusco airport.

Services end.

Adios Amigos!


- Add on optional : July 10th - 12th : Ollantaytambo / Machupicchu 3 day tour.

July 13th - Thursday - Day 12 : Optional Mushroom Ceremony conducted by Travis Bodick.



The retreat is 9 days (unless you also attend the Machu Pichu adventure, then it is 11 days total), and we meet in Cusco, Peru.  The only details you really have to take care of are buying your plane ticket, reserving your space in the group, and showing up!  We will even have a taxi ready for you at the airport in Cusco to bring you to "Casa de la Gringa" where we will be meeting and staying.  



Please contact Travis at travis@soulremedy.org for further information or booking.



Pics from previous retreats:





























Group photo at Machu Pichu
























Preparing for Dispatcho ceremony with Lesley and Juan of the Q'ero tribe




























Preparing San Pedro for the next day at Lesley's house

































Another group photo at Machu Pichu

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