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3 Lives - looking into the past (originally posted 2015)

Talking a small bit about past lives with another person, I thought I would share something that has been insightful for me lately - and it has to do with past lives.

A couple months ago, I wasnt even sure I believed in past lives... I saw some evidence, but had never experienced my own consciously. But lately I have been working at a local college with another teacher teaching "Indigenous Wisdom" (basically shamanic healing), and she gave the class an exercise which I also decided to try at home.

The class was focused on shamanic journey work, but astral projection or other visionary work should also work fine for this (plant medicines would be another good option for those with experience there). I used shamanic journey to start this process, but eventually did further work with plants to go deeper into what I was learning. In shamanic journey though, it is common for people to have a specific guide they work with a lot - their "upper world teacher" or maybe their "patron." (could have many different names, but this is your main spirit guide at the moment)

So you ask this guide to show you three different past lives while you are in journey mode or some kind of altered/visionary state.

1. Show me the life where I suffered the most.

2. Show me the life where I had power and did the most harm.

3. Show me the life where I had power and did the most good.

Now, without sharing the very personal details I found out about myself, let me tell you - these 3 lives specifically have taught me so much about my current personality and why my life is the way it is now. Just two months into this learning, I have gotten a ton of insight and even some healing from this process. My wife also did this work for herself and has gotten very powerful results as well. This has also opened up a can of worms where we have started experiencing other past lives beyond these 3 as well...

I wanted to share these 3 questions for anyone else who feels called to investigate them. Know thyself! I would love to hear any experiences people have looking into these lives as well. You do need some skill at either shamanic journey, astral projection, or visionary experiences of some kind, but if you have a little experience and have the right guide to help you, this process should be pretty easy and just naturally unfold by itself once you initiate the inquiry.

Blessed journeys!

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