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After 2 months in Peru - back home! (originally posted Jan 20, 2015)

Just returned back home 2 days ago, and the whole Peru trip couldn't have gone better! Made some great friends, had adventures, and most of all, learned a lot and connected deeply with the spirits of the mountains and the plants!

And of course - connected deeply with my new wife and had a great honeymoon!

The biggest standout was the wedding, but we were both deeply touched by our time with the Q'ero shamans, recieving our mesa's, San Pedro ceremony with Lesley and Martin, and our time spent doing dieta and drinking Ayahuasca with Enrique at Santuario. Barely home, but our next trip to Peru is already in the planning stages! Hopefully next year, I can bring YOU with me!

Now that we are home, we have lots of work to do! Learning from the plats always requires some work to integrate the teachings into your life. This year, the plants talked to us a lot about our work at home. I have notes for many new writing projects now - all inspired by ceremony and dreams. Articles, books, how-to work with plants at home, inspirational books, how-to work with spirits more deeply, information about the Q'ero and energy work, and even a new fiction idea, which I think will be a whole series and probably my biggest project of any-kind ever!

I also have plans to offer more services to the people who contact me in search of guidance. I am starting my own monthly meet-up in Seattle focused on Plant Spirit Medicines (hosted throught the Seattle Mind Travellers), I will soon be offering special personal ceremonies with select plants, I hope to bring Lesley "La Gringa" to Seattle for ceremony, and I am planning a group outing to Cusco to see Machu Pichu while doing plant ceremony and working with the Q'ero!

I am excited to offer all these new services, share my new information, and bring a group of people to Peru to share with them my fa orite place in the world!

Glad to be home - can't wait to connect more with my online community now - don't be shy ;)

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