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Datura and Brugmansia (toe') (originally posted 2015)

I started working with datura a little over a year ago.... Spent a year meditating with it before I ever ingested it, then started ingesting just the smallest amounts about 6 weeks ago. Mostly I use a soap made with datura infused oil - wash your hands with it and a tiny bit of the soap absorbs through your hands for a mild effect (absorbing through the skin is safer then eating because atropine doesnt absorb well through skin). Eventually as your tolerance builds you can wash more of your body for a stronger effect, but I am working up slowly and still at the hands and forearms....

It has completely opened up my dreams even with the very mild doses I have used so far. Started at the very first time I used the soap. I used to rarely have dreams I remembered but now I remember my dreams almost every single night and I often have dreams that continue after I wake up - I will open my eyes in bed and still see the dream and experience the dream while I lie awake in bed for an hour. During this awake dream state I can easily control the dream and experience it totally lucid.

Datura can be very dangerous though and I think she chooses who she wants to work with - not the other way around. This plant can kill you so dont just go experimenting without research and a lot of careful thought. I specifically felt called to this plant through numerous visions so I slowly worked my way into getting to know her. It's a long slow road if you want to be safe and careful, but she opens up doors that will stay open.

For the first year all I did was meditate under toe' trees in Peru, grow datura at home, sleep with toe' or datura leaves under my pillow at night, and carry a single dried flower in my mesa altar. Had plenty of strong experiences with just these methods. After a year I got this soap made from a friend and also bought a rape' snuff that has toe' in it (rape' is a snuff made mostly with mapacho/tobacco, but this recipe also has toe'), and I also tried smoking the leaves. Absorbing through the skin and smoking are the safest ways of ingestion from what I have read. Soon I plan on drinking tea from a single stem off of a leaf and working up slowly from that method as well....

Again - dont try working with this plant unless you have researched it and are familiar with the dangers. This plant can kill you.

Some people say datura is dark or sinister, and others say it is the most powerful of the healing plants.... My experience is that it is like a light bulb - it shines light on everything inside of you (good or bad) and makes you see it all in detail. I see how that could be dark for some and I also see how that could be powerful medicine for some. Also - using anything from a sick or weak plant seems to produce dark visions/dreams in others, so if you look into this make sure you only use strong/healthy parts from plants (I havent experienced this personally but heard this from others).

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