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Hollow Bone, Hands Off Healing (originally posted 2015)

Ever hear that phrase "Be a hallow bone?" It is common in shamanic type circles at least - basically means you let spirit or healing work through you (often through you to others). It is a style of "hands off" healing which I have been trying to emulate as much as possible the last few years. I call it "hands off," because this style of healing works best when the "healer/shaman" takes the perspective that they are not really the healer, but that the client and spirit work together to find healing while the shaman just holds space to aid this process.

Sound confusing? Hopefully I am making sense!

There are many many ways to be a hallow bone, but I wanted to specifically share a method I am using with plant medicines, and a recent story. For a slightly different example, feel free to check my older blog post on "Merging with Spirit Allies."

(Or just google "hallow bone" - many people use this perspective to reach deeper healing)

Things begin when the client approaches me with a problem. At this point, I would do divination or trust my intuition on which spirits to prescribe for the client. For me, the spirits are often plants, so there can be a physical component to this.

This summer, I had one particularly interesting experience with a client. We had an extended time to work together in person, and this was exciting for me, as most clients can only spend a few hours with me, a day at most, or just want help online. But since I had so much time with the client, I was really able to let go and trust the spirits.

This client had a number of deep rooted issues they wanted to work on, so I decided to call in my two most rusted allies: San Pedro and Redwood Tree. I knew by calling on these two spirits, I could just sit back, and watch the clients journey with spirit unfold. So, we brewed our medicine, and took a road trip to the Coastal Redwood forests. Each morning, we would sing a song in ceremony, give offerings of tobacco, set an intention, perhaps drink some medicine, and start a hike through epic redwood forest.

When you let the spirits work through you, everything falls into place, and especially in a setting like the redwoods or any other epic nature - Spirit will speak to you through the world around you. Including a powerful medicine teacher like San Pedro makes this even more life changing and powerful!

A few examples: We are hiking, and come across a giant over-turned and hallowed out log. We could walk past it, but it catches my eye, and I tell the client "Here you must climb through, so you can be reborn on the other side!" See what happens, when you help spirit implant this idea in the clients head - they will listen, and the tunnel-log will become a sort of initiation. This particular log was very long and skinny, and pretty scary to climb through - but we must learn to overcome fears, and the forest provides this opportunity.

Next, I see the devastation of a still living, but burned out and hallow tree, where I direct the client to sit and meditate. The tree is missing so much of itself, and just happens to teach the client about parts of themselves they have expelled or gotten rid of mentally.

Next, a urge to grab the rattle arises. A song from Spirit springs forth from my lips (in my particular experience, this was a Shipibo icaro I had never heard before), and since I am just following Spirit, I let it fill the forest. I dont know the words of the song, and just trust them to come - incidentally, my voice does things I dont know how to make it do, and makes words I dont know normally, but understand anyways. Suddenly - the clients energy and mood has shifted after visions brought on by the song.

Perhaps an animal or bird comes along with a lesson, or perhaps a shiny rock makes itself noticed from the ground - a new ally and piece of medicine to take home. Perhaps a certain river or tree stands out to you - so here we place another offering of tobacco, or take a break to meditate. Everything comes together as if orchestrated by some other force....

Anyways, I am trying, and I think failing to describe the type of magic that can happen when you let go and trust Spirit. But recently, I had one of the most powerful healing experiences with a client I have ever seen. And all I did was choose San Pedro and the Redwoods forest as powerful tools for transformation - they did all the rest of the work themselves. I lack the literary skill to describe how miraculous this experience was to all involved, but maybe someone out there understands anyways?

If you ever want to know how to serve yourself, serve others, or serve Spirit.... Be a hallow bone ;)

(on a side note - took my flute hiking, and holy-smokes the forest amplifies sound in the most amazing way!)

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