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How to connect with Cannabis if you abused it in the past (originally posted 2015)

Someone recently asked me if smoking cannabis after Ayahuasca ceremony was okay.... Eventually in our conversation it came about that the idea of cannabis being a healer and teacher was new to them and that they had always treated it like a drug. They asked how they could change their relationship to cannabis to maybe have more balance and connection to the plant in a more sacred way.

This is my response:

If that is your relationship to cannabis then I would take a break for a while. Dont smoke for a month or longer. I personally took 3 years off to change my relationship to the plant (that was about 3-4 years ago that I came back to it with new eyes). Sometimes you need to take a step back to really see something in a new light.

Only when it is easy to not smoke will you be able to smoke in a sacred way. You cannot have a empowered relationship with something else that controls your behavior - balance is important.

If you take a break and then later decide to connect with cannabis again I recommend always praying when you smoke and use cannabis to help know yourself more deeply, but not numb yourself. Intention is powerful. Intention is the difference between smoking to forget your problems and smoking to get answers for your problems.

Cannabis is a powerful plant - it can heal, it can teach, and it can also control. You have to meet it honestly and respectfully if you dont want it to control you.

I can give you an example of what I am talking about.... Recently when trying to decide between 2 different houses to move into my wife and I went to a local power spot of ours in the forest. We prayed together holding the spliff of cannabis and mapacho in our hands. Then we sat down and smoked asking the smoke to show us which house was in our best interest. We closed our eyes and meditated. We both instantly saw the same house and when we opened our eyes a hummingbird flew over in front of us to confirm the message. We moved in 1 week later.

Just one example of how cannabis can be used to solve problems rather then forget them....

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