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Lessons in Peru this year (originally posted 2016)

We are back home from another magical journey to Peru - we couldnt have had a more perfect trip! We had a wonderful group for the retreat and all felt like family within a few days. I was also very blessed to have my father and new step-mother along for the trip - so this was certainly a family affair and very tight-knit group!

Ceremonies with Lesley were amazing as always - I was especially struck by her ability to open hearts with her words. When she talks it is like an angel speaking, and this causes others to really open their hearts and speak their own truths as well. So much emotion and connection happens in her garden - and I think this is a large part of why she is such a successful healer. She really helps people believe in themselves and she is such an inspiration. I came away from her ceremonies with a lot of insights about how to use my words more wisely and how to express myself more deeply.

Ayahuasca with Kush was also a special treasure. Kush would make music with his wife Erika and his 3 apprentices and together the 5 of them were like a sound-wave straight from the jungle. Singing, flute, singing bowls, rattles, leaves (chacapas), rain sticks, drums.... All at the same time in a way that mimicked sounds of the jungle and helped us dive deep into the medicine. Mid-ceremony Kush and Erika would stop by each participants mat to ask if we wanted specific healing. Erika would channel messages and advice from the medicine while Kush would add his perspectives and sing personal songs to us - everyone was getting really powerful stuff! We all learned a lot about ourselves with their help.

We also had a great time with the Q'ero tribe and I was even lucky enough to get some videos of Louis Q'espe in action! I am hoping to get the videos uploaded sometime in the next week to share with you!

We met many new friends, deepened connections with old friends, and we saw a new side of Peru as well. No matter how many times I come here there is always more to learn and experience!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this retreat happen! We couldn't be more blessed to have you in our lives!

BTW - we have confirmed dates for next years Stream of Miracles retreat! We will be back in Peru with the medicine July 2nd-July10th with an optional add-on afterwards to see Machu Pichu again. This retreat will include 2 San Pedro ceremonies with Lesley, 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies with Kush, 2 limpia cleanings with the Q'ero as well as a dispatcho offering to Mother Earth, 2+ rappé ceremonies, and of course visits to sacred temples and workshops! The extension this year will include Machu Pichu as well as an optional mushroom ceremony at Temple of the Moon. I will post all the details as soon as I can confirm the exact pricing which will probably be another week or so..... I will send out updates in our newsletter then.

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