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Peru 2015 - Stream of Miracles was Amazing! (originally posted 2015)

Back from Peru and we couldn't have had a more amazing trip! Deep healings and adventure all around! Maybe the best part was the new friendships we made and the deepening of our older friendships - the trip was so much more beautiful because of all the amazing people we shared it with!

We started with a visit to Pisac - where I was happy to find the storefront of Shamanic Snuffs (where I usually by rapé online) - they were able to hook me up with some new rapé's and also Sananga eye drops and new blow pipes! This was helpful for the rest of the trip - when opportunities presented themselves we would meditate with the rapé and during our second San Pedro ceremony the Sananga especially helped with some deep healing for one group member.

San Pedro was amazing - first ceremony helped a lot of people purge out old energy and even after just the first ceremony we saw huge changes in many group members! Some people were totally different in how they talked, looked and acted - as if they found deep healing, understanding, release and vulnerable strength from just that first drink! Louis and Juan Q'espe from Q'ero's were also there and really helped us get into some deep healing with their limpia cleansings! They are so humble and quiet yet move more energy then anyone I know - true masters those two! I especially had fun this ceremony as I was asked to lead ceremony by the Myburghs so this was my first time leading ceremony in Peru - a true honor and privilidge for me!

Day after ceremony was beautiful as well - Louis and Juan performed a beautiful dispatcho ceremony for us. They brought in such amazing energy everyone could feel the power of their prayers! Afterwards they even surprised us by giving each group member and their mesa an individual blessing! We were bursting with light and joy by the end! We also had time for a workshop, and since we were all so touched by the Q'ero I decided to show others some different ways to work with the Q'ero mesa - a few members had recieved their mesa the day before so we had a great time working with the powerful medicine bundles!

After ceremony we visited the temples at Ollantaytambo and Machu Pichu - Miguel started us off and brought so much heart to our journey. Always a pleasure to spend time with him! At Machu Pichu we had a special surprise - Mark and Simon were at the last minute able to book us Kucho the shaman of Machu Pichu as our guide! I have been to Machu Pichu 3 times but never have I seen the city brought to life the way Kucho does it! He was so humble and fun, and really had such a deep connection with the city that he really made the experience so much deeper then with other guides. He really helped us feel and appreciate the energy of the city. We were even lucky enough that he taught us a couple Wachuma medicine songs! Humpi-ri humpi-ri humpi-ri-ri!

Our 2nd San Pedro ceremony after visiting the temples was especially powerful because after all the light energy we recieved at the temples and from the Q'ero we were wide open! This was the clincher that sealed the deal - so much profound changes in this week and this was the icing on the cake! Afterwards we visited all the local temples: Condor temple, Temple of the Moon, Monkey and Frog temples.... Just the perfect day and the perfect location for such wonderful ceremonies!

We finished off the retreat with a wonderful buffet featuring live music and dancing and a few group members then went home.... A few others extended their stay as well, and the next night we attended Ayahuasca ceremony with a local man named Kush. His ceremonies are the most joyous expressions of Ayahuasca medicine that I have ever seen - his brew was strong but his personality instantly put us at ease. We were so impressed that we are having him host 2 ceremonies in our next Stream of Miracles retreat! He even invited me to sing a couple songs in ceremony and I am so blessed and honored for that priveledge - a true pleasure for me!

Medicine was so powerful this trip - I watched the entire group change and grow over the 9 days we spent with them! Connecting with and getting to know everyone was a real pleasure - such beautiful people we were lucky to spend time with! And hanging out at Casa de la Gringa after the retreat was wonderful as always - the best new friendships are made here! Everyne coming through was so great to meet and spend time with!

I especially want to thank the Myburgh twins Mark and Simon for giving us so much attention and really treating us like family. We always feel so at home with you guys! Thank you for everything! Wonderful getting to connect with you deeper! And Steve! Great meeting you and spending so much time with you! And a deep pleasure spending more time with Miguel and getting to know Kush and Kucho! Truley blessed to have such good leaders and healers working with us! And the Q'espe brothers - truly impressed with their humble beautiful hearts!

We just got back home but we already have the best plans for our next visit! We decided to make our next retreat more affordable and to also more medicine focused to really help people make the most of their time with us. Next year our 9 day retreat will start Aug 2nd and include 2 San Pedro ceremonies, 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies, 2+ rapé ceremonies, dispatcho and limpia cleansings from the Q'ero and 2 workshops on healing! We will also visit lots of local temples and have other fun surprises! After the 9 day retreat there will also be an optional 4 day 3 night Machu Pichu adventure - this lets us keep the medicine part of our experience cheaper and also lets us get a more unique Machu Pichu experience which will include mountain biking, ziplining, water rafting and private hot springs! This won't be a trip to miss! More details coming soon!

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