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Peru - Wedding and San Pedro Cerenonies! (originally posted Jan 20, 2015)

Sorry I have not updated the blog yet - things have been very busy in Peru!

We showed up with a group of 13 people, drank San Pedro, saw Machu Pichu and other epic ruins, and most importantly, I married my beautiful wife Tasha at the Temple of the Moon!

The wedding was the most fun day ever - we started with a dispatcho ceremony performed by a Q´ero paqo (indigenous shaman type healer) named Juan, who also gave us a wedding blessing out by the Temple of the Moon. Then our dear friend and San Pedro shaman Lesley Myburgh performed our wedding ceremony. We then spent a few days at the fancy boutique hotel Andean Wings enjoying our private jacuzzi tub! I can´t imagine a better way to start our marriage together!

Ceremony with Lesley this trip has been supurb. So far, we have done 5 San Pedro ceremonies with her, and a few stand out as my deepest ceremonies of any kind ever. San Pedro showed me my potential and role as a healer, and during one ceremony I recieved my mesa from a Qéro paqo named Louis (my mesa is like my new best friend - I take him everywhere!).

I also made a surprising new plant ally in tohey/brugmansia - apparently my ancestors used to work extensively with her, and she has been connecting me deeply to the work the started. She is really amazing, and I have spent a good bit of time meditating under her branches, and sleeping with her under my pillow.

Too much has really happenned for me to share everything with you, but things are going excellent. In one weekm we leave our friends in Cusco, and travel to our next destination a few hours from Pucallpa, where we will spend a few weeks dieting and drinking Ayahuasca. I will miss my home here in the montains, but I am also excited for the wet heat of the jungle!

Life couldn´t be better!

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