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Santuario Ayahuasca Center (originally posted Jan 20, 2015)

We recently finished a 2 week dieta at Santuario near Pucallpa. The center is amazing - about 4-5 hours outside of Pucallpa, the center is nestled against a steaming volcanic river that is incredibly beautiful. It is far away from everything, so very peaceful and quiet.

The resident shaman and owner Enrique is incredibly friendly and gives you lots of personal attention. He also works with his wife in ceremony, and when both of them sing together, it is very magical! My wife and I also appreciated the chance to watch another married couple work together!

This time around, I dieted a plant called Mocoura, which helps remove negetive energy or spirits (and teaches you how to perform this service for others), and also gives you much good luck (especially in business and personal projects). My wife dieted a tree call ChuChuwasha, which is used to increase strength and courage, warm the body, and is a very popular aphrodisiac!

We both also got a strong message this trip that Ayahuasca is not really our medicine, and that we should focus more specifically with San Pedro and Salvia. In some ways, this isn't a big surprise, and when I have a chance to write more, I plan on posting a entry about the differences between San Pedro and Ayahuasca (from my perspective of course).

I highly recommend the center though, and when I decide to work with Aya again in the future, I will have a hard time deciding between Santuario and Nihue Rao (where I stayed last year). Both centers are amazing in their own way and for different reasons!

Well, I am off for another adventure - soon we will be visiting Chavin de Huantar, the oldest archeological evidence of San Pedro use in the world (almost 4000 years old!). Stay tuned!

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