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St. John's Wort Again Proven Better than Antidepressant Drugs (originally posted 2015)

Another study showing that St. Johns Wort is a much more reasonable treatment for depression then antidepressant pharmacuticals. Not only is the herb at least as effective if not more effective, but it has way less side-effects and is only a fraction of the cost! (or free if you grow it yourself!)

Anti-depressants cause all kinds of horrible side-effects like suicide, weight gain, erectile dysfunction, worse depression, neurological damage, insomnia and more. Obviously avoiding these side-effects while saving money is a much better choice then buying the over-priced poison sold to poor sick individuals by the pharmaceutical companies.

Besides St. Johns Wort, many people can also find relief with other plants like maca, tulsi, valerian, tumeric, vitamin D (I know, not a plant - but still natural and great!), cannabis, Salvia or San Pedro. Salvia can especially be helpful in small "microdoses" that are too small to alter your consciousness or make you "high" in any way, but still relaxes, calms and helps alleviate depression symptoms. And of course - doing any deeper work with plant medicines or any spiritual healing practice can help you face your fears and problems and really deal with the depression head on instead of only alleviating symptoms.

There are many sources of healing and hope for those feeling lost of hurt - please even if you buy your doctors advice, consider researching some of these natural remedies to see if they can help as well.

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