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Synchronicity (originally posted 2015)

Those amazing coincidences that just seem to good to be random... Always fun and encouraging on this path! Thought I would share a recent story related to this...

Last summer while in Peru, I was surprised when a tree I was sitting next to started talking to me. It didnt have any flowers growing on it at the time, so I did not realize that this plant was the infamous "toe" or Brugmansia (basically a type of datura that grows as a tree instead of a shrub). I soon found out this plant was toe - red angels trumpet, and the next two months while in Peru this plant kept talking to me in meditations or in dreams (I never ingested any - just sat next to it or slept with a flower or 3 leaves under my pillow).

When I got home, someone offered to send me datura seeds for my garden. I was really excited to get these, because the red angels trumpet informed me that my ancestors used to be datura shamans. I recieved two types of datura seeds - a popular North American variety, and also a variety from Turkey which I am pretty sure is what my ancestors would have used. I put the seeds on my altar, and thought that I would plant them as it warmed in spring.

Well, we are having an early and very warm spring here in Seattle this year. Just as things start warming up, I had a random journey I did where I felt guided to start germinating the seeds on the next new moon, and then plant them on the following full moon. I dont think I would have thought of this, but the germination period for these seeds is two weeks, so it works perfectly with the moon cycles suggested in my journey!

So I decided to look up the next moon phases so I knew when to plant my seeds. Turns out the new moon was in just a couple days, but just happened to be during a super moon and solar eclipse on the equinox. When I looked at the full moon two weeks later - well it just happens to be during a lunar eclipse!

Funny that I get guided to plant my seeds during this powerful astrological moment in time. Funny that during the moon phases I was directed to work during, there just happens to be a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse, and that this also falls on the Spring Equinox this year! Things lining up withut me even trying - just letting myself be directed to the right moment!

So the seeds have been germinating since the equinox, and I will plant them on Saturday this weekend! Excited to have my new friends to meditate with - they are supposed to sprout fast, so I should have my new allies in the garden soon!

Glad for these wonderful synchronocities that let me know I am on the right path. The universe works in mysterious ways!

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