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The Medicine Is Always In Your Heart (originally posted 2015)

Was remembering today the first time I met Lesley and the twins Mark and Simon in Cusco. Met them that day and we went to drink San Pedro at the Temple of the Moon. I had a beautiful ceremony and talked to my dead mother for the first time. I think I spent at least an hour petting the grass and telling the Earth how much I loved her.... San Pedro spent the day showing me how much I could love the world around me and how I could express that love to other people more freely - he even showed me how to love the people who had hurt me in the past, and it was incredibly beautiful and liberating.

2 nights later, I had a dream and San Pedro came to talk to me in my dream. We were at a hotel in Aguas Calientes - just below Machu Picchu. In this dream San Pedro showed me an entire story - and that story became my third book (The Shadow Twin) and my first fiction. I had dreamed of writing a fiction ever since I was a child, and San Pedro was the motivation and inspiration that made that dream come true!

I told Lesley about my dream when I saw her two days later for ceremony number two - she just laughed and said "San Pedro will always be with you - now that you have drunk his medicine, he is your friend and guide for life."

You might be bringing a friend home with you on the airplane - the Spirit of San Pedro will always be with you <3

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