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The Tale of the Hummingbird and Condor

In the time before memory, out of the nothingness that was, all that is was created; all the worlds and stars, all the rivers and rocks, every creature and every being.

The people were created without knowing what was beyond them. They longed to know, but the place of the All Knowing was in the upper world, and the people could not go there.

The condor was the only bird strong enough to fly to the Hanaq Pacha, the upper world, and speak with Creator. For this reason, he was the one who took all the prayers of the people. He could not look upon the face of God/Goddess so he would turn his head as he gave and received messages.

Now, the hummingbird was the tiniest of birds. Because she had tasted the sweet nectar of every flower, she knew many things. And because of all the things she knew, she had a great desire to know the face of God/Goddess. It was impossible for her to fly so far. Then one day out of her great desire an idea grew.

That night, when every creature was asleep, she crept up to the condor and nestled deep into his feathers in a place where he could neither see nor feel her. The next morning when the condor rose into the Heavens he did not know he had a stowaway.

When the condor delivered his messages, the bold little hummingbird flew out from beneath his feathers and saw the face of God/Goddess. In that very moment, her plumage turned translucent gold, shinning like a rainbow.

Together the condor and the hummingbird returned to earth and since that day they have both been guides to the upper world; the condor for his strength and fortitude, and the hummingbird, for her daring and desire.

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