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Welcome to the new Soul Remedy website!

It was time to update and move to a new website - I am glad that you made it here with us! We moved to a whole new provider and I have re-posted all of our old blog here. You will notice all the old posts have the original post dates just so people know when they were actually written. I wanted to bring everything over - though we did sadly lose all of the old comments from the old blog... If you haven't been to our website before - I especially recommend checking out the other blog posts, our "resource" page, YouTube channel, and in our "store" section we also have many free book chapters available. We host yearly retreats in Peru (sadly this year was cancelled due to the covid quarantine, but we will be scheduling the next retreat as soon as travel is safe again), and we also offer a lot of healing work in Seattle where we live. Feel free to reach out!

~ Travis Bodick

(some fun pics from Peru 2019)

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