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The perfect book for the reader who is ready to do and learn!  No filler, or philosophy, this book is full of meditations, rituals, and exercises all designed to help you connect with Spirit, Know Thyself more, and reach greater levels of fullfillment through self-discovery and growth.  This book takes the philosophies from "Creating the Universe," and turns them into practical rituals and applications for use by anyone - beginner or advanced!  Does not require any previous knowledge of magick - only a desire to engage yourself, life, and Spirit more fully!

Table of Contents:
This Book
The Kingdom
The Foundation
Splendor of the Mind
Victory of Achievement (Over the Emotions and Emotional Attachments)
Severity and Strength
Mercy and the Glory of Love
The Crown
Experience Life, Create Life, Love All

Also available in paperback for $15 at here:

Experience. Create. LOVE. (paperback)

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