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How The Earth Saved My Soul is both a story and a nature based system of healing and self-discovery.  While drowning in the ocean Travis was saved from death by a mysterious spirit and experienced visions that forever changed the course of his life.  Trying to make sense of this experience he found himself on a spiritual quest of self-discovery that started with meditation, psychedelics and occult mystery schools and eventually led him to indigenous shamans of the Amazon and Andes of Peru.  

Along the way there were challenges, mistakes and many great discoveries.  The most beneficial practices found within the story are described so that the reader can experience and benefit from them personally.  By returning to nature and learning to follow his heart Travis found a new level of fulfillment in life.  These practices helped him greatly, and perhaps they can inspire you as well.

Table of Contents:
Nature is Medicine for the Soul
The Earth is Your Birthright
We Are All Nature
All Life Comes From Water
An Atheist Questions Himself
Challenges and Settling for Second Best
Walking Meditations
Mantras and Chakras
Losing Someone Special
Music Trance and Intention
Brainwashed – Mystery Schools and Cults
Introduction to Core Shamanism
Shamanic Journey
3 Worlds
Dancing Your Animals And Hallow Bone
Finding Our Own Ceremonies
Turning a Hike into a Ceremony
Working With Plant Medicines
Smudging and Soplada’s
Make Your Own Agua de Florida
Cleansing Baths
More Practice With Shamanic Journey
Past Lives
Journey Practice
Vision Questing
Letting Go Ritual
Our First Trip to Peru And San Pedro
Ayahuasca and the Jungle
Back Home – Integrating Ceremonies
Our First Home Diet
Vegetalismo – Spiritual Herbalism
Married in Peru
The Puma With Condor Wings
Back to the Jungle and More Travels
Q’ero History and Cosmology
Q’ero Based Meditations  
More Advanced Q’ero Energy Work
Sharing the Plants
A Curse
Smoke Meditation
The Q’ero Style Mesa and the Chakana
Beautiful and Challenging Ceremonies
Nature Mandala and Fire Ceremony
Creating A Stone Medicine Wheel
Teachers, Mentors and Lessons
Family in Peru
Nature Is Medicine

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How the Earth Saved My Soul (paperback)

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