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All plants have spirits, and when we connect to those spirits, we unlock the fantastic power within them.  For thousands of years, people have worked with plant medicines and entheogens to find guidance, healing, and answers to lifes questions - and with this book, you are now ready to join them.

Drawing inspiration from many traditional sources, including Amazonian and Andean Curanderismo practice, Travis takes this information a step further by adding his own eclectic and modernized perspective to these ancient medicines.  This guide is based directly on the authors personal practice with plant medicines, and offers all the information you need to contact the spirits of the plants for healing and guidance in your own life.

Table of Contents
What is “plant spirit shamanism,” and what is this guide?
A Visit to the Andes and the Amazon, and a Personal                
       Story of How This Happened
Andean and Amazonian Shamanism
Spiritual Healing
Localizing Vegitalismo, Personal Dieta, and Micro-dosing
The Shamans Role
Healing Songs
Being Called
The Nature of Visions and Of Reality
Dangers of Spiritual Tourism
Drinking Alone or With Others
Set and Setting
Cooking Your Brew and Other Medicinal Preparations
Making Your Own Ceremony
Contraindications and Safety Precautions
Mixing Plants
Legal Issues
Foraging and Gathering
Integrating the Lessons
Darkness and Light
Being a Good Person
Near Death Experiences and Fright
Other Entheogens
Plants for Dieta
Final Thoughts

Also available in paperback at for $15 here:

The Plant Remedy (ebook - pdf)

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